"The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials" (Chinese Proverb)


This holds true for one young woman who has been through it all and is now a shining diamond in the entertainment industry.  Jackie Da Model is one of the most entertaining, charismatic, down to earth, and VERY Talkative personalities around.  Especially with her public speaking, blogs, radio show and more. She will continue to educate, inspire, intrigue, and give her bold thought provoking opinions to her large and ever growing audience. 

Born in the 80's with an ethnic mixture of Puerto Rico and Europe Jackie grew up with a fascination for music, the arts and entertainment.  It wasn't something that would come at an easy price.  She had a rough upbringing and witnessed things that made her mature a lot faster, developing street smarts as well as a higher education and constantly making choices that would make or break her. Having to work full time from her teen years to current date, you can only imagine how it may have discouraged her to move forward with entertainment when priorities were set for work and school. After losing both her parents at a young age, Jackie realized that life is too short to waste time neglecting her goals and life passion to entertain and to help people. "I'm the one that has to die when its time for me to die, so let me live my life, the way I want to"- quote by Jimi Hendrix became her perfect motto.

Over the next few years (1999+) a new Jackie was emerging. Learning from mistakes and thriving on her successes, she found ways to utilize her many talents. In late teen years and early twenties it was only natural for her to begin promoting and marketing for NYC venues and conduct public relations for entertainment companies while in school and working a full time day job. She used this as an outlet to release stress and internal family issues she faced while training herself to be a better person at the same time. Although obstacles and competition were occasionally in her way, she continued to strive above the rest and bring much success to the companies she worked with. With her never ending comedic upbeat attitude JDM continued to network with many popular artists and now a new growing fan base. 

Timeline of JDM 
In 2005 Jackie was contacted for a photo shoot for a chance to be in publication. Although she was grieving the recent loss of her mother and didn't know that she wanted to get involved with the modeling world initially, that week she took a chance with this photo shoot. Soon after she networked and learned the ropes while working different shoots in photo and video on a freelance level as an alternative/urban model. “My mother always wanted me to showcase my beauty, at a young age I was always in a pretty dress too bad I was a tomboy for a few years. She put me in model school and wanted me to be a pageant kid but I loved sports, art, and music at that time.”-Jackie Da Model. She continued and has been active ever since.

With her soaring personality, and a beauty found both inside and out Jackie charmed everyone she met.  As time went on she worked with Funk Master Flex from Hot 97 in a model search as well being as a spokes-model for FORD at a car show and later appeared in several music videos, photo shoots, and films with up and coming as well as established photographers, directors, and artists in the industry. 

At an early age while being influenced by the radio stations Hot 97 and La Mega FM to name a few in New York City, Jackie Da Model conceived a curiosity about being a radio personality. After seeking an opportunity in 2009 through a friend, DJ Abrupt, she sat in on the “Pre Game” Show at Urban Latino Radio and was on the mic as a guest host the first day.  After such a thrilling experience in this new found element she was hooked and couldn't stop her momentum. She sat in for Big Sence, while he was on vacation, and suddenly she became a regular guest host appearing on a weekly to bi weekly basis for about 4 months. Her on air personality and unique voice struck a key with many new radio fans. Interviews and guest spots, and voice over requests appeared from everywhere.  Grateful to her newfound success and many new job offers she chose loyalty, and stuck with Urban Latino Radio co hosting "La Esquina Radio Show" with host Tony Delavora. After 7 months with "La Esquina Radio Show" the creator of show had chosen to end production for a few months to focus on personal commitments. In 2010 Jackie was faced with a choice; quit or pursue her goal? When the time slot was made available she was given an offer to finally have her very own radio show. Jackie Da Model took the initiative to bring a unique show that only she could bring to the masses with her many talents.  Together with DJ Super Star Boogie and special guests Jackie promised to keep up the dream and produce excellence. The "Jackie Speaks" show was born!. She hosted this show primarily with a resident DJ, then with guest DJs and a co host she brought in toward the end of shows existence. She did the boards and the music for quite some time while hosting and interviewing guests. This show was put on hiatus when the station underwent construction and JS Show made a business decision for the brand to not return to that station after their closure and re opening nearly a year after.  

To this day she has interviewed many celebrities and upcoming artists as well as activists and all around talent. She has worked with and helped build some of the most talented people out there, all out of her belief in their talents and love for the "game". She is a mentor to many and a teacher to all who follow her endeavors. She has built up her portfolio in many areas while balancing her love for radio, art, media, and entertainment.

"My love for voicing my opinion and entertaining people has taken me up the ladder to success and I expect to climb it, reaching for the stars and making everyone proud of me, especially my mother I wish she were here now. My personality is that of a woman who doesn’t mind taking a chance with every word that I say. I know I raise eyebrows and make heads turn but I love it, that's just who I am. I am not your stereotypical woman, I am simply me. Take it or leave it." -Jackie Da Model

The future is full of possibilities with Jackie Da Model.  Using her inner / outer beauty and intelligence Jackie gets past her daily obstacles by developing a strong independence that strikes others to follow her as their role model. Although it has been a long rough road, her journey is just beginning! In addition to all mentioned above she has been a production manager on film set, assistant director on film set, a guest stand up comic at several venues, and a make up artist on film set. As an artist with oil paint on canvas, she tested her abilities to create artistry with makeup for clients and was naturally successful with that. She continues to shock her audience with her multi talents and determination to build others as well as herself up to success while she focuses on building her legacy. Jackie promises to remain humble and approachable to her fan base. 


Currently: After suffering an accident early 2013 she has been going through recovery from injuries as well as 3 major surgeries with more rehabilitation and procedures following to correct her pain issues and injuries. Her work has been put on hold until she has full recovery and clearance to pursue it. However she still makes herself available to speak and or book future work if that is possible if and when it is offered. Nothing will keep her down. She is limited at this time, however please do reach out and she will answer.

Some of her projects:

Non profit and volunteer work when possible

Media, Art work: oil paint, sketch, makeup artistry when possible
Vocal work including but not limited to Voiceover and features on records and or Drops for celebrities, signed and unsigned artists.
Consulting on a management level for her colleagues and those who inquire.

To see her entertainment resume / history please see tab within website. 

JDM is currently a freelance(non union) model/actress/media personality/artist/entertainer and manager. The live radio show is on hiatus at this time. Her social links and resume can be found on 

All packages and or mail can be sent to a PO BOX address (inquire by email for the address)

To book her or if you have any inquiries please email: BOOKJACKIEDAMODEL@GMAIL.COM  / or JACKIEDAMODEL@GMAIL.COM serious inquiries only. Thank you. 

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